Gurgaon: Cattle, congestion and chaos!
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Gurgaon: Cattle, congestion and chaos!

Find out why commuters always get stuck on the main road from HUDA City Centre towards Sector 56-57.

Gurgaon: Cattle, congestion and chaos!

The main road from HUDA City Centre towards Sector 56-57 with broken dividers has become a traffic mess. While two-wheelers take the shorter route through the broken dividers to avoid longer U-turns, the opening allows stray cattle to get to the grass on the divider.

The result? Utter chaos and long hours of traffic.   

Two-wheelers often avoid taking the long U-turn in front of Epicenter, and use the broken divider instead. As a result, there are inevitable traffic jams on the road.

Vinod Gupta, a resident of Agrim Apartments, Sector 43, said,  “It hardly takes a few minutes from HUDA City Centre to reach my home, but the broken divider creates a mess and leads to unnecessary jams at the junction. Things get worse when stray cattle make their way to the roads from these gaps."

YS Gupta, joint commissioner, Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon (MCG), said, “The two-wheeler riders often remove the bricks from the divider to create an easier route. These broken patches invite cattle too. We had them fixed several times in the past, but the situation is back to square one in no time.”

This road faces heavy rush as it connects to Sohna Road, Golf Course Road, Faridabad, MG Road and Iffco Chowk.