Noida: Residents call attention to clogged drains
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Noida: Residents call attention to clogged drains

Unhygienic conditions and breeding of mosquitoes become pressing concerns as residents say raising the issue with Noida Authority has not yielded any result.

Noida: Residents call attention to clogged drains A clogged drain in Sector 137

Fearing breeding of mosquitoes, residents of several new sectors in Noida are concerned about the unhygienic conditions arising due to blocked drains.

They told City Spidey that the officers of public health, Noida Authority, are not taking the issue of breeding of mosquitoes seriously. Big drains in the localities have not been cleaned and have been blocked since long. Complaints and following up on them has not yielded any result.

Amit Gupta, a resident of Sector 77, said, “The drains in Sector 74 are completely choked and water has been stagnating. We have been raising our voice over the problem and have also acquainted the officers concerned, but to no effect.”

Some of these drains were blocked by builders for development of private multi-storey residential complexes in the sector.


Sewage flowing on a road in Sector 137


Residents of several other sectors are grappling with sewage overflowing on the roads. According to an officer of public health, Noida Authority, the Noida Metro Rail Corporation has blocked the main drain for the development of Noida-Greater Noida Metro lines in Sector 137. The result is that drain water is overflowing on a road that runs along the boundary wall of Paras Tierea, a residential society in the sector.

VK Asthana, a resident of the sector, told City Spidey, “Commuters are facing a lot of inconvenience due to the ankle-deep drain water on the road. Despite a delegation, including officers of the Authority, having visited the sector, the problem is yet to be solved.”

When City Spidey spoke to Saumya Srivastava, deputy CEO of Noida Authority, he assured that the process for cleaning of all drains in the city was being considered and drains would be cleaned by the end of May.

RS Yadav, senior project engineer with the public health, told City Spidey, “The file for inviting the e-tender for cleaning of several drains is being forwarded. It will take a few weeks to finalise it. Once this official work is over, the cleaning of the drains will begin.”