Dwarka: What is harming the greenery in Sector 12?

By Akhilesh Pandey
Photo: Supplied
Posted: Apr 27, 2017

The burning of dry leaves in Sector 12, Dwarka, has become a cause for concern for residents and RWAs who have been raising their voice over the issue for some time.

They say dry leaves are burnt in a planned way regularly and the practice is not only damaging the vegetation, but also causing pollution. Suresh Joshi, general secretary of Indraprastha Apartments, Sector 12, says, “The stems of trees are in a damaged state due to the burning of the leaves. We are trying our best to stop the practice but without the corporation’s support, nothing effective can be done. We have directed our guards to be vigilant.”

Residents and RWAs have managed to check the practice to some extent and douse the fire by water. But they say the practice is rampant. AK Mittal, secretary of Shivam Apartments, Sector 12, says, “On April 25, there was fire in the dry leaves, which we extinguished with water. We do not know who is indulging in the practice. I think the corporation staff are responsible as they are not efficient enough to manage dry leaves.”

Pankaj Dhingra, a resident of Abhiyan Apartments, Sector 12, shared a few photographs with City Spidey. He says, “I have already complained to the officials concerned but to no effect.”


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