WATCH: Rescued leopard released in the Aravalli forest
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WATCH: Rescued leopard released in the Aravalli forest

Kudos to the forest department for ensuring that both residents and the leopard were unharmed in the process. 

WATCH: Rescued leopard released in the Aravalli forest Representational image

After getting orders from higher authorities, the two-and-a-half-year-old male leopard that was rescued from Sohna on April 27 by the wildlife officials was released into the Aravalli forest at 3 am this morning.

According to the officials, the leopard, which was tranquillised as part of the rescue effort, woke up around 5 pm on April 27 after being sprinkled with water.

Dr Ashok Khasa, veterinary surgeon with the forest department, said, “It had a proper meal of mutton and chicken and was fit to be released back into the Aravalli forest. We kept him under observation for a while, as we wanted to make sure the effects of the medication were over. We had sent his stool for lab testing, which was found to be fine.”


The leopard is released back into the Aravalli forest


After last year’s incident in Mandawar village, where a three-and-a-half-year-old male leopard was beaten to death after straying into the village, the wildlife teams, on the morning of April 27, ensured such an incident was not repeated. 

The leopard had entered a house in Durga Colony, Sohna, 20 km from Gurgaon, and had dodged the crowd and forest officials for more than five hours before being rescued by the forest department at 2.30 pm on April 27.