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DPSG student still weak but has resumed school

Posted: May 04, 2017     By Reena Dhankher

Ocean Rajshree, the Class VII student of Delhi Public School Ghaziabad (DPSG) who had to be admitted to hospital after a school water cooler fell on her, has resumed school but still remains weak. While her parents say the school should reimburse her medical expenses as her injuries were mainly due to the school's negligence, DPSG has not taken any such responsibility.

After the incident on April 27, Ocean had been sent back home from school after basic first aid, but it was later realised that the girl required stitches and her parents spent almost Rs 60,000 on her treatment.

The incident has left the student in shock.

Her parents say that since the injuries were a result of the school's negligence, the expenses should be borne by them. “No one from the school even bothered to visit her in hospital, let alone pay for her expenses,” said Shefali Parmar, cousin of the injured student.

However, the school had a different story to tell City Spidey.

The authorities referred to the incident as an accident. Senior administrator officer Sudhir Chitnis said, “It’s not fair to blame us. It was an accident. And of course the staff members visited her in hospital.”

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