Ardee City residents want two bills, not one
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Ardee City residents want two bills, not one

Angry residents of this Gurgaon society gheraoed the Ardee Infrastructure vice-president and demanded to know why they were being sent a combined electricity and maintenance bill.

Ardee City residents want two bills, not one

Residents of Ardee City, Sector 52, Gurgaon, held a protest on the premises against the builder on May 4 for trying to club the electricity and the maintenance bills.

Angry residents gheraoed Anil Hasija, Ardee Infrastructure vice-president, for about five hours.

For the past 15 years, residents have been paying separate bills for electricity and maintenance to two different companies. The Ardee management, they allege, is now resorting to cheap tricks to extract more money.  

“The builder has been inflating the electricity bills for a few months now to force residents to pay extra in advance. Today, we are sitting in this scorching heat to demand separate electricity and maintenance bills, as earlier. We will not go home until we have arrived at some conclusion,” said Lisa Mody, a resident and member of Ardee City ad-hoc committee.


Angry residents protest on the premises against the builder on May 4


“The builder seems to have no fear of the law or the administration. We feel that the government is allowing the builder to do whatever it wants. There's no one to listen to us,” said Chaitali Mandhotra, another resident.

“For electricity, we pay Ardee Infrastructure Pvt Ltd, and for maintenance, Ardee Housing Ltd. The builder, since a few years, started issuing maintenance bills in the name of Ardee Maintenance Pvt Ltd. This resulted in disappearance of crores of security money that the residents had paid to the builder,” added Praveen Yadav, another resident.

Hasija said they were consulting their lawyer and would get back to the residents soon.

Assistant town planner RS Bhatt reached the spot, along with a few policemen, to quell the discontent. Bhatt also directed the builder to submit the reasons for issuing a combined bill, and assured residents of a solution within three days.

On May 2, the residents had written to the district town planner and local urban bodies to draw attention to the problem of insufficient power supply.