Jaipuria Sunrise Greens: Prepaid electricity meters to be under AOA’s ambit soon
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Jaipuria Sunrise Greens: Prepaid electricity meters to be under AOA’s ambit soon

The electronic metering service provider is set to get a NOC from the builder and would soon enter into an agreement with the resident body of the Indirapuram society.

Jaipuria Sunrise Greens: Prepaid electricity meters to be under AOA’s ambit soon Picture used for representative purpose only

Residents and members of AOA of Jaipuria Sunrise Greens, a residential society in Indirapuram, held a second meeting on May 4 with representatives of Jaipuria Infrastructure Development Limited (JIDPL), the developer of the society, representatives of Radius, the electronic metering service provider, and officials of Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) about the problems of handing over the responsibility of the prepaid electricity meters to the AOA.

It was decided in the meeting that JIDPL would issue a no objection certificate to Radius so that they can resume service and enter into a new agreement with the AOA.

Representatives of Radius said that they could not get into a new agreement with the AOA as they were already bound by an agreement with the builder. “Getting into a new agreement would be a breach of the previous agreement,” said a representative of Radius.

Senior officers of GDA present in the meeting recommended that the builder’s representatives issue a no objection letter to the service provider so that it can get into a fresh agreement with the AOA and handover the responsibility of the meters. JIDPL’s representatives readily agreed and said that a no objection certificate would be issued to Radius so that it can continue with its services with the society’s AOA.

Speaking to City Spidey, Ravindra Saini, president of the society’s AOA, said that although there were several other problems, such as the handing over of the IFMS (Interest Free Maintenance Security) amount from the builder, the problem of the electricity meters was solved.

“A major problem of the residents has been solved as the power supply was repeatedly getting disrupted due to the confusion about who the service provider should consider its consumer [the builder or the AOA]. Payments made in advance for the electricity meters by many residents, which amounted to several lakh rupees, was also stuck due to this. Now the issue will be resolved, provided the builder’s representatives stand by their words,” Saini added.

Ajay Singh, general manager, maintenance, JIDPL, was unavailable for comment.