Dwarka: How Queen’s Valley became a zero-waste school

Queen’s Valley School in Sector 8, Phase I
By Akhilesh Pandey
Photo: Akhilesh Pandey
Posted: May 06, 2017

Schools across the world have taken up conservation efforts, and Dwarka’s Queen’s Valley School in Sector 8, Ph I, too, has been early to join the bandwagon. Awarded by the Centre For Science and Environment, the school prides itself on being a zero-waste school.  

It now runs completely on solar power and contributes surplus energy to the power grid of the area. Priyanka Grover, a teacher associated with the school’s green initiatives, said, “The solar panels installed generate 80 KW of electricity. Of this, 60 KW is consumed and the surplus is supplied to the power grid."

City Spidey visited the school and interacted with teachers to know more about its green initiatives.


Students participate in a composting initiative  


Neelam Shukla, another teacher, said, “We have developed an action plan to promote activities such as recycling, water conservation, waste management, car pooling and energy conservation. Our solar initiative and car pooling have had a very positive impact. Also, the whole campus is free from the use of plastic.”

Each class has Green Warriors and Green Monitors, who keep a check on various initiatives at the class level.

Shukla explained, “They are also responsible for switching off fans and lights, for assessing the level of waste generated, keeping energy consumption in check and inspecting the building. But of course, the whole school is involved in practical initiatives such as saving water and recycling waste.”


The school had bagged the second position for the Green School Awards in 2015-16


The school also has a solid waste management system on the premises. It also recycles used water, besides rainwater harvesting.

The segregation of waste starts right from the classroom. Shukla elaborates, “There are two dustbins in each class to segregate biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste. The
biodegradable waste is further used to make compost for the school nursery. For composting we use various techniques, such as dry and wet composting, vermi-composting and pit composting.”

In 2015-2016, the school had bagged the second position for the Green School Awards, instituted by the Centre For Science and Environment.


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