These three stretches in Gurgaon are now as good as new. No encroachments!

By Reena Dhanker
Photo: Reena Dhanker
Posted: May 07, 2017

A recent anti-encroachment drive by Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon (MCG) has cleared three important stretches in the city of illegal vendors. What’s more – there was no prior warning or notice about the drive and took the vendors completely by surprise.

The stretches cleared are Rajiv Chowk to Badshahpur; Golf Course Extension to Westin Hotel; and Golf Course Extension to Badshahpur.

Both sides of these stretches are now encroachment-free, thanks to three MCG engineers and their teams. 

The illegal vendors removed were mainly sugarcane juice sellers, vegetable and fruit sellers, small kiosks, coconut vendors and even shops that had extended beyond their main entry to display wares. All of them were warned of strict consequences if they were found to be setting up shop in the area again.

MCG commissioner V Umashanker said, “We now have teams with designated areas to monitor encroachments. Shops and vendors found flouting orders will be fined.”

The encroachments were so bad that even rescue teams found it difficult to navigate the congested roads. This campaign has not only helped pedestrians gain access to uncongested footpaths and clean green belts, but has also dealt with traffic issues and pedestrian safety.

“I usually walk to work, and found it difficult to navigate the footpaths with so many vendors. Walking on the roads, with so much traffic, was also not safe,” said Davinder Singh, who works as a guard in a Sohna Road mall. “Now walking to work will be much easier.”



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