What? A one-way inside a society?
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What? A one-way inside a society?

Residents of Unitech Fresco are delighted. The new one-way traffic rule has not only eased congestion inside the condominium but has also lent the society a clean, organised look. 

What? A one-way inside a society?

Residents of Unitech Fresco, in Nirvana Country, Sector 50, Gurgaon, have devised a smart way to manage increasing traffic inside its gates. Fresco, an upscale community with more than 800 apartments and 1,200 cars, is trying out the one-way traffic rule.

Apart from the wide peripheral road, there are several narrow lanes inside the condominium that get easily congested. Cars parked on these roads also aggravate the problem. To avoid this, residents have been trying out the one-way traffic rule for the past three days on all roads, including the ones leading directly to the entry and exit gates of the condominium.

“We had been witnessing minor accidents on some of the stretches, and there were some very close shaves,” said Nilesh Tandon, president of the RWA. “Hence, in the last general board meeting it was decided that we would implement the one-way rule and also try to manage parking inside the society. To that end, we are trying to get residents to park their vehicles in the basement parking space and not on the roads above. The two basement parkings have ample space to accommodate residents’ cars.”

The residents also put up signages and traffic pots to re-route vehicles at key places, so commuters could follow the new rule. Security guards were also briefed so they could guide commuters accordingly.

“We have seen a positive change in the society after implementing this one-way traffic rule. Residents are delighted, as they can now have a smooth drive inside the condominium and not worry about congested roads and traffic delays. In Stage 2, we will try and get cars to use the basement parking. This will not only further ease traffic issues but also give a clean, open look to the condominium,” Tandon added.

The one-way rule has reduced travel time significantly for commuters. “One-way traffic can sometimes increase travel distance but reduces travel time drastically. It also leads to stress-free drives inside the condominium, where we don’t have to worry about traffic inside our very society. We used to shudder at the thought of a vehicle breakdown on these roads but now, thanks to this new plan, we can just drive past it if we have to,” said Supriyo Das Gupta, secretary of the RWA.

“There’s one disadvantage to the plan, though,” said Prashant Bansal, a resident. “Vehicles will tend to overspeed inside the premises. But that can be managed by installing speed breakers.”