School buses, stay out!
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School buses, stay out!

Swarnim Vihar residents cite safety hazards, pollution and congestion; want a ban on the entry of school buses inside the society.

School buses, stay out!

Residents of Swarnim Vihar, Sector 82, Noida, are up in arms over the issue of school buses using roads inside the society. They say it is causing congestion and air pollution.

Lalchand Tyagi, President of the RWA, said several residents have complained that buses inside the society premises have made it unsafe for children playing on society roads. He added that starting from 6 am, as many as 60 school buses enter the society on a given day. "Apart from the safety issue, there's also the question of vehicular and noise pollution," Tyagi said.

According to Noida Authority rules, the entry of heavy vehicles is not allowed inside the society. Residents have taken up the issue with the deputy chief executive officer of Noida Authority, Saumya Srivastava, urging him to take action against this.

"I have asked the project engineer to submit a report on why these school buses cannot be stopped on the main road outside the society," Srivastava said.

(PHOTO CREDIT: Samrat Roy)