Why you won't find KC Mendiratta in the mornings
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Why you won't find KC Mendiratta in the mornings

He is a retired Ministry of Home Affairs official staying in a posh Indirapuram society. And he works all night to keep his society safe.

Why you won't find KC Mendiratta in the mornings

He stays up all night, keeping watch over his society. KC Mendiratta, 70, has been doing this every day for the past four years — and he isn't a security guard.

Far from it, in fact.

Mendiratta is a retired Ministry of Home Affairs official. However, he is now the self-appointed security-in-charge of the upscale Orange County in Ahinsa Khand I, Indirapuram, where he stays. 

In 2012, Mendiratta decided to take the onus of the society's security on himself. He has been burning the midnight oil ever since. His day starts at 6 in the evening and ends at 10 in the morning. He works alongside the society guards and has been instrumental in getting the security organised. 

Mendiratta's wife is a respected schoolteacher who retired recently, and his children are well settled in corporate jobs in India and abroad. He has everything one can ask for. 

So why does he stay up all night working with guards?

People who know him describe him as a giver. Sachindra Mishra, the maintenance manager of the society, says it is unbelievable that a person of his stature can do something like this. "The residents are big fans of uncleji. We all admire him for his dedication," he says.

But to the septuagenarian, this is a means of giving back to society. "There was a time when I did not even have the money to pay for two square meals a day," reminisces Mendiratta. "It was my integrity and dedication that pulled me through those days and gave me a happy life. It is time I used those same qualities to serve society."

"I don't do it for money or fame, but for the sheer satisfaction it brings me," he adds. "I will serve society till my last breath."