Noida: UP minister holds meet with homebuyers and builders
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Noida: UP minister holds meet with homebuyers and builders

Satish Mahana, the industrial development minister, addressed issues being faced by the buyers and the builders in the presence of Noida Authority officials.

Noida: UP minister holds meet with homebuyers and builders

Satish Mahana, Uttar Pradesh industrial development minister, held meetings with homebuyers, builders and Noida Authority officials on May 11 to resolve problems being faced by homebuyers in Noida.

The minister held separate meetings with homebuyers and members of Confederation of Real Estate Developers Associations of India (CREDAI) at the Noida Authority office. Noida Authority officials participated in both the meetings.

The minister first met a group of representatives of buyers who discussed the homebuyers’ issues and urged the government to help homebuyers get their flats as soon as possible.

Buyers present in the meeting told City Spidey that they wanted an immediate solution and the exact date of possession of their flats. They said that they were paying EMIs to banks and also living in rented houses, and that the builders must also pay delay penalty to the buyers for late possession of the flats.

Abhishek Kumar, president Noida Extension Flat Owners Welfare Association (NEFOWA), told City Spidey that they also complained that Noida Authority had issued completion certificates and occupancy certificates without proper inspection of the quality of construction and other amenities. “Noida Authority officials must make sure that they issue certificates only after proper inspection. Most of the developers give possession of the flats but the basic amenities are lacking,” Kumar added.

The minister then met members of CREDAI.  The builders told the minister about the problems they were facing.

Manoj Gaur, president of CREDAI, told City Spidey that the builders discussed to how they plan to give flats to homebuyers as soon as possible. “We discussed that 2,000 homebuyers will get their flats within 4 months and in the next six months, we aim to give possession of 6,000 more flats,” he added.


Homebuyers who could not meet the minister protest at the gate


Some of the homebuyers who were not allowed to meet the minister protested at the gates of the venue. These buyers complained that the Authority gave entry only to 20 persons who represented of thousands of buyers and questioned as to who gave them the right to speak on behalf of all the buyers.

“I booked the flat in 2012 and gave 90 per cent of the cost to the builder. My wife suffers from cancer and I have no money for her checkup and to give EMIs to the bank,” said Sanjeev Singh, a flat buyer in Amrapali Zodiac, Sector 120, who could not meet the minister.

After the meetings, Mahana addressed the media and said that the government was concerned with the homebuyer-builder issue. “I told the builders in the meeting that they must give the possession of flats to the homebuyers. The builders are ready to give all flats in their projects in three phases. They will prepare a possession chart and submit to the Authority,” he said.

Mahana also said that homebuyers of around 39 different projects were facing the problem of registry of their flats as the builders had not paid the dues to the Noida Authority. Noida Authority has to collect over Rs 30,000 crore from the builders of Noida.

“I told the builders that they have to pay 25 per cent of the due amount of the authority and begin the registry of the flats in this month. Builders are also asking for a zero interest period for the duration when the National Green Tribunal’s orders halted the construction work. I will speak with the government on the issue,” he added.

Speaking about civic amenities in Noida, Mahana said that the Authority would clean the roads. One officer of the Authority would take care of the sanitation while a senior officer of the authority would report on the matter every week. “I also instructed the Authority to repair all streetlights in Noida and instal LED lights in them within a year,” he added.



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