Dwarka: Do you need an occasion to plant trees?

By Akhilesh Pandey
Photo: Akhilesh Pandey
Posted: May 14, 2017

A group of residents organised a tree-planting drive at the DDA and MCD Park behind Brahma Apartments and Harsukh Apartments in Sector 7, Dwarka. Residents from various societies around the park such as Brahma Apartments, Kamal Vihar Apartments, Rashi Apartments and Palam Village participated in the programme. 

Munish Kundra, a social worker and a Brahma Apartments managing committee member said, “ People loved the event, as the World Environment Day is just round the corner [June 5]. People were carrying bottles to water the plants. They not only planted the saplings, but also vowed to take care of them. The saplings were arranged by Mahavir Solanki and Commander Nirwal, two nature enthusiasts from the neighbourhood.”

Kundra, who has been taking the initiatives to address the environment-related  issues in the area, said the authorities had not arranged for any provision to water the parks in the area. "I appeal to the authorities to ensure some arrangement to water the plants, or else they will not be able to survive in this weather." 


Prominent figures such as Vishnu Sharma, councillor candidate from AAP; Arvind Agrawal, a volunteer of Goonj, an NGO, and a resident of New Millennium Apartments in Sector 23; and Chandra Thareja, a social worker from Sector 2; were present at the event.
"I am happy that I participated in the event," said Agrawal. "There is a dire need to increase the green cover in this area. It was a great initiative."

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