ATS Haciendas: Security refuses to take responsibility for damaged vehicle
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ATS Haciendas: Security refuses to take responsibility for damaged vehicle

Jatin Bhandari keeps his two cars and his son’s two-wheeler in the society’s basement parking. But in the past six months, his car has been damaged five times! Who’s responsible?

ATS Haciendas: Security refuses to take responsibility for damaged vehicle

A resident of ATS Haciendas, a posh high-rise in Indirapuram, has been complaining about repeated damage to his and his family’s vehicles in the society’s basement parking area.

Speaking to City Spidey, Jatin Bhandari said two four-wheelers of his family, along with his son's two-wheeler, have been damaged while parked in the basement. “Five such incidents have already taken place over the past six months, yet the society’s management and security have not taken any action. I had to pay several thousands of rupees to repair the damages, but I am afraid such incidents will continue unchecked,” Bhandari added.


Jatin Bhandari's damaged car 


Any suspects? “Could be the work of a few residents I am not on good terms with,” he said.

Bhandari added, “I have already tried to approach the security service provider of our society, but have been told every time that the vehicles have been damaged before being parked. Despite several mails and meetings, I have not received any response from the management. They even said the damages could be the result of other residents’ rash entry or exit from the basement.”

However, since the maintenance of the society has not been handed over to the AOA, the onus of sorting out the issue lies with the developer.


His son's two-wheeler


City Spidey, took up the issue with Anil Jaisingh, AVP (Facilities) of ATS Infrastructure.

Jaisingh told City Spidey that security was not to be held responsible if the vehicles were accidentally hit or damaged by other vehicles in the parking area.

But don't residents park their vehicles inside a gated society because they believe their property will be safe in the presence of security? So can the security officials be let off the hook?

To this, Jaisingh replied, “In the case of direct negligence by the security, the management will look into the matter. Moreover, there’s a residents’ association in place and the matter will be discussed with them as well.”

Meanwhile, Bhandari said he will approach the police with the issue.