Power woes at Basai treatment plant triggers water shortage


Power woes at Basai treatment plant triggers water shortage

Residents of several areas in Gurugram have been dependent on water tankers for the last few days and say that the tankers will not be able meet the growing demand.

Power woes at Basai treatment plant triggers water shortage

Thousands of residents in Gurugram have been grappling with water shortage for the last fifteen days due to power supply issues at Basai water treatment plant.

Almost 30 per cent of the city’s residents have been hit and their condition is getting worse day by day. Some of the areas affected are DLF Phases I to IV, Nirvana Country, Sushant Lok I, South City II, sectors 49 and 50, and Old Gurgaon.

As residents are dependent on water tankers to meet their needs, civic agencies have increased the number of tankers to reduce delay in meeting the demand. Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) had installed a special power system to reduce outages at the Basai plant.

But it’s been a sorry state of affairs in DLF Phases I to IV in the last four days. Only 20 water tankers are catering to 50,000 families living in the four DLF phases. Many residents have not received a single drop of water. Sheetal Hooda, a resident of DLF City Phase II, says, “The tankers cannot meet the increasing demand of water in all the areas.”

If the situation remains the same it would be a costly affair for those who pay for the tankers. The tankers are provided by DLF and the area councillor free of cost but in emergencies, residents pay Rs 1,500.

“We have written innumerable complaints; called up the municipal corporation, DHVBN and the divisional commissioner (DC) several times; sent several SMSs to officials and followed up on the matter regularly, but to no effect,” says Sapna Sarraf, a resident of South City I.

“The authorities are not bothered about our situation. Getting water is our right. We are completely dependent on water tankers,” complains Anushka Khanna, a resident of South City II.

Residents of Chakkarpur have been reeling under acute water shortage for over a week. They even met the DC but their efforts haven’t yielded any result.
RS Rathee, president of DLF Qutab Enclave RWA, Phase I, Chakkarpur, says, “Thousands of residents living in the area are facing the problem. They pay their taxes and want basic amenities but the civic agencies fail to deliver.”

Meanwhile, HUDA officials say that they are completely dependent on the power supply by DHBVN and if there was any load shedding, water supply would get affected. But despite a letter by HUDA to Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam (DHBVN) regarding erratic power supply to Basai water treatment plant, the situation has not improved.

Yashpal Yadav, HUDA administrator, told City Spidey, “Due to low voltage at Basai water treatment plant since May 11, the required number of motors are not running. Due to this, water supply in master supply pipeline feeding to boosting station, Sector 16, from where the water is supplied to DLF Cyber City, sectors 14, 17 and 18, and MG Road, has been affected. There was low voltage on May 11, May 13, May 17 and May 18. We have requested that the required voltage be restored without any breaks to ensure proper water supply and that the matter be dealt with urgency.”

Moreover, a four-kilometre stretch of water pipeline between Mundakhera and Chandu village is also in bad shape. As this part of the canal cannot withstand the water pressure of full flow, the canal irrigation officials release only 70 per cent of the water the channel is meant to carry.