NCR: The week in tweets
NCR: The week in tweets
Rohit Ranjan
NCR: The week in tweets
Photo: Akash Mishra

NCR: The week in tweets

Hello friends! How have you been? First things first: If your blood group is A+ve, please contact this gentleman in the first tweet below. This week, Twitter was abuzz with issues ranging from demand for public transport to power woes and traffic jams. While one vigilant resident spotted a car with a tampered number plate, another spotted a man who regularly waters saplings in Dwarka. Folks, we bring you the week in tweets:

The call for Metro service in Noida Extension grows stronger as residents cite arguments to persuade the authorities.


And power woes continue to trouble residents. This resident reaches out to the UP Chief Minister over the state of affairs.


As Mayur Vihar Phase II grapples with four-hour long power cut, this resident reaches out to the Chief Minister of Delhi.

Here’s a resident who has a keen sense of observation and vigilance. He spotted a tampered number plate and raised an alarm immediately. We hope his voice is heard and appropriate action taken.

Stuck in a traffic jam, this resident takes to Twitter over his predicament. But it’s the way he’s addressed the Delhi Chief Minister that’s caught our eye.

Traffic jams have become a regular affair in some parts of the city it seems. Here’s another resident who was grappling with the problem.

If only there were more residents like the one mentioned in this tweet. Nevertheless, the fruits of such labour are for everyone to enjoy. This resident is a source of inspiration for sure.


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