A taste of Haryanvi culture at MCG's open-air theatre
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A taste of Haryanvi culture at MCG's open-air theatre

Gurgaon's open-air theatre in Sector 29 hosted its first cultural evening to an enthusiastic crowd of 400 residents. The theme: Haryanvi culture. For Hindi plays, be there next Saturday.

A taste of Haryanvi culture at MCG's open-air theatre

Saturday evening saw a teeming crowd at Gurgaon's open-air theatre in Sector 29 to enjoy a cultural evening hosted by Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG).

MCG, to promote art and culture in the city, has restarted cultural evenings from this Saturday.

The theme for the evening — Haryanvi culture.

About 400 people from different parts of the city — Sushant Lok I, Nirvana Country, sectors 39, 48 and 57 — gathered in the open air to enjoy folk dance and music.

Haryanvi folk artiste Ashok Guddu and his dance troupe gave a high-energy performance, leaving the audience wanting more. Local songs or raaginis — sung using only harmonium, dholak, damru, thali and stick — rendered a different feel to the evening.  

Guddu told City Spidey, “The main purpose of performing here is to make people aware of our culture, which is on the decline. It is our duty to protect it. We must not forget our roots and never feel embarrassed about our culture. Now people feel embarrassed to speak in Haryanvi! Every language has a beauty of its own.”



Sapna Lal, a resident of Nirvana Country, said, “I am Punjabi, but I really wanted to see the performances. The best part was the raagini performance — they sing beautifully, with minimal music.”

Pankaj Dahiya, a resident of Sector 31, said, “I moved to Gurgaon in 2005. The city speaks all kinds of languages, but I really missed Haryanvi. So I really enjoyed myself.”

SS Rohilla, official spokesperson for MCG said, “We re-started the theatre with the intent of promoting art and culture in the city. The means of entertainment available in Gurgaon are really expensive — so, this is budget entertainment for all. We will keep inviting folk artistes.”

Rohilla further added, “We are expecting more audience from next Saturday. This was the first day. This city is full of music lovers.”

Every Saturday, it will be a different theme. 

Next Saturday, it will be Hindi plays, then it will be a performance by Gurgaon schools, and on the third Saturday, it will be an open-stage talent hunt from the audience — anybody can just come on stage and perform.