This is why this duo comes to Dwarka every day with several litres of water

Saheb Singh (left) and Mahavir Singh
By Akhilesh Pandey
Photo: Akhilesh Pandey
Posted: May 24, 2017

For Saheb Singh and Mahavir Singh nothing is of greater joy than tending to plants — and no, not in their private gardens. They water the neighbourhood plants of Sector 7.

Every day, without fail, the duo is spotted tending to the plants in the sector. Saheb Singh is a retired driver of Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) and Mahavir Singh still works as an assistant sub-inspector. Both are residents of Palam Village, close to Sector 7.

While 67-year-old Saheb carries bottles of water on his bicycle, Mahavir does the same on his scooter.


Saheb Singh, 67, at work 


Saheb shares his routine, “I have been doing this since my retirement in 2012 — it’s my passion now. Every day I carry six 5-litre bottles and 14 two-litre bottles on my cycle. I bring them filled from my village. After they empty out, I request nearby societies for water.”

Mahavir carries larger 20-litre bottles on his scooter. Despite a hectic schedule and kidney problems, he never misses a day. As a smile spreads across his face, he says, “Every day I plant about 250-300 plants. When I have night duty, it’s even better — I can dedicate more time during the day.”

For residents, the sight of Saheb and Mahavir tending to the plants serves both as encouragement and inspiration.

Senior citizen SK Malik, a resident of Youngster Apartments in Sector 6, said, “During my morning and evening walks, I would see this stranger watering small plants, laying out water in bowls for birds. Once I picked up a casual conversation with him — I was awestruck! He does not do this for attention; what he’s doing is purely out of passion. In fact, his son said he never stays over at his relatives’, lest his plants are left without water.”  

A resident of Brahma Apartments, Munish Kundra, said, “This is selfless service to nature — it’s an inspiration for us. The duo is very dedicated and never misses a day. Recently, they also took part in our tree-plating drive at the park.”


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Posted 2 years ago

Thanks a lot for providing recognition to selfless efforts of Sh. Saheb Singh Ji and Sh. Mahavir Singh Ji. DDA Horticulture and MCD Horticulture teams must use recycled STP water being provided by DJB for watering the saplings and plants. In fact best option would be drip irrigation method; as tht would save precious water.


Posted 2 years ago

The story on Saheb Singh and Mahavir Singh is like a jugal bandhi. I appreciate their sustained efforts over the years. That commitment is remarkable. I request the local authorities and enlightened Dwarkites to honour these two barefoot environment soldiers on June 5th - The World Environment Day. This will be a fitting day to appreciate their efforts. T. Sampath Kumar