Don't seal borewells, address the real issue, say Gzb residents
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Don't seal borewells, address the real issue, say Gzb residents

Residents of high-rise societies have decided to approach NGT to ask it to reconsider its order for them to seek permission from CGWA before extracting groundwater.

Don't seal borewells, address the real issue, say Gzb residents

After much hue and cry, residents of high-rise societies in Ghaziabad have decided to approach National Green Tribunal (NGT) with an appeal to reconsider the terms of its order that demanded them to seek permission from Central Ground Water Authority (CGWA) before extracting groundwater via borewells. 

The order also directed CGWA to seal the borewells being used without permission. The residents' decision came after a meeting between residents and CGWA officials today. Residents of high-rise societies in Ghaziabad, under the aegis of Consortium of Societies Ghaziabad (CoG), met VV Vardhan, administrator of CGWA, at its headquarters in Delhi.

Sharat Jha, president of CoG, told City Spidey that they were apprehensive about their borewells being sealed after receiving a notice from Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA). “There is a lot of confusion among residents and AOA members regarding the notice, as they do not know what to do in such a situation. The borewells are the only source of water for our daily usage. We have to rely on borewells, since we do not have sufficient Ganga jal supply from GDA,” added Jha.

Speaking to City Spidey, VV Vardhan, administrator of CGWA, said since it is NGT’s order, CGWA has no choice but to ensure it. “Residents of group-housing societies must also put forth their views in front of the tribunal, so the real scenario comes to light. We have asked the residents to approach NGT with a request for relief via legal counsel during the next hearing of the case on May 29,” added Vardhan.

Sanjeev Singh, legal adviser of CoG and a resident of a high-rise society, told City Spidey that they would approach NGT with an application for direction over the issue at the next hearing. “We are going to present the scenario as it is. Getting permissions for borewells will not relieve the stress on the sources of groundwater. We are going to highlight the main problem — GDA has not been able to provide sufficient water supply, owing to which we need to depend on groundwater from borewells," added Singh.

Meanwhile, members of CoG have also sent a letter addressed to the vice-chairman of GDA with a plea to provide sufficient Ganga jal.