Why Gurgaon will have clean rainwater harvesting pits

Gauri Sarin during a water conservation awareness campaign in Gurgaon
By Reena Dhankher
Photo: Supplied
Posted: May 27, 2017

As part of an initiative to recharge ground water, a resident of Oakwood Estate, Sector 25, Gurgaon, has been working closely with the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram to clean the rainwater harvesting pits in the city.

Gauri Sarin, the resident, says, “Condominiums aside, the city has almost 50 colonies and, with an average of 10 pits per colony, there could be as many as 500 pits.”

Under the Gurgaon Action Plan, Sarin gained support from Ramesh Goyal, an activist known for his efforts in the field of water conservation. Gurgaon Action Plan is a social group that has collaborated with the municipal corporation.

The city was divided into eight areas under eight executive engineers (XENs). During inspection of pits, it was found that many pits have been defunct for years. Some had not been cleaned in long time.

A plan was prepared to make them functional. The sectors that have been covered are sectors 7, 10A, 15 Part I and Part II, 21 and 46, Chakkarpur, South City I and II.

The cleaning of rainwater harvesting units has been a team effort of XENs’ RWAs and Sarin, who first inspected the pits. The cleaning of the pits is in progress and would be completed by June 15.

Speaking to City Spidey, SS Rohilla, MCG spokesperson, said, “This initiative was undertaken at the right time before the rains. The cleaning of the pits will enable them to function effectively.”

The work being done by the XENs is further verified by the RWAs to ensure that the city is well equipped for the rainy season.  

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