<i>Guhaar</i> leaves G-towners in tears
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Guhaar leaves G-towners in tears

The play was staged at the open-air theatre in Sector 29 as more than 500 residents attended the cultural evening.

<i>Guhaar</i> leaves G-towners in tears

Emotions were running high on May 27 at the open-air theatre in Sector 29 in Gurugram as more than 500 residents from across the city came to watch Guhaar - A Cry, a play. It was staged as part of the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram’s cultural evenings that resumed recently.

The 1 hour-10 minute play was staged by “Faith in Theatre,” a group from Kurukshetra. It was written and directed by Yogita and Rishi Pal respectively.

Latika Bhattacharya, a resident of Sector 43, told City Spidey, “I am really touched by the theme of the play. It brought tears to my eyes. The play shows how the characters, despite their hardships, continue to be happy whereas people like us crib all the time.”

Guhaar- A Cry is a story of Saida, a dancer, Dukhter, an eunuch, and Lekhak, a writer. Saida is an emotional person and earns her livelihood by dancing at a brothel. She longs for her lover who has deserted her. Dukhter has been living with Saida for many years and is her best friend. Lekhak comes from a village to write a book and lives in Saida’s brothel on rent. He closely observes their lives, listens to stories from their past and also shares his own story. He finds their life much more difficult than his.



The play gave the message that life is both cruel and innocent, and tests us from time to time.  Sometimes it brings unexpected happiness and sometimes it gives a lifetime of grief.

Speaking to City Spidey, Rishi Pal, director of the play, said, “The play depicts the problems faced by all these three people in the society and how they continue to live with grief in their heart. The idea behind staging such a drama is that despite so many problems in their lives, these people continue to live their life joyfully with no regrets.”

V Umashankar, MCG commissioner, said, “It [cultural evenings] is an attempt to promote art and culture among the residents. One does not require any pass or ticket and entry is free for residents. We want people to come and enjoy these evenings. It is a platform for the upcoming artist too.”

The group “Faith in Theatre” has been working in theatre and on social awareness since the last 15 years. The group has performed in many national theatre festivals. It also raises awareness on social issues through nukkad natak (street play). It has also done many projects with the ministry of culture, Haryana Kala Parishad and DD National channel in Chandigarh.