Breezed through Rajiv Chowk and Hero Honda Chowk yesterday? Here's why

By Anjoo Dalal
Photo: Anjoo Dalal
Posted: May 30, 2017

Municipal Corporation of Gurugram’s (MCG) enforcement team removed all encroachments from Hero Honda Chowk and Rajiv Chowk on Monday. With the two major congestion points freed, commuters enjoyed a traffic-free ride through the stretch last evening. 

Both the busy junctions were made free of hawkers and kiosks encroaching upon the roads and the footpaths — which included tea stalls, coconut-water stalls, juice stalls and paan shops.

"I travel to Manesar every day, and passing through both Hero Honda Chowk and Rajeev Chowk had become a nightmare," said Shalini Baweja, a resident of Sector 15. "It takes about 30 to 40 minutes to cross these junctions. Since both of them are on NH 8, it is imperative to prevent traffic congestion here. While driving home last night, I was surprised to see the stretches free of encroachments. The traffic was moving smoothly, It was such a relief! But I hope it stays this way."




Sudhir Chauhan, senior town planner, MCG, said, “We have formed four teams for different zones within the city. The teams will not only remove encroachments but also ensure they do not come up again. We will not allow such encroachments to return. We will keep a regular check on the areas."

Officials further claimed that if the encroachments returned, violators would be penalised and their belongings confiscated.

Rakshit Pruthi, a resident of Essel Towers who travels to Bawal Industrial Area for work, said, “The encroachments worsen the traffic situation at Hero Honda Chowk and Rajeev Chowk, which are already bad due to the construction of a flyover. This is something serious and needs to be checked from time to time.”

Both Hero Honda Chowk and Rajiv Chowk are busy junctions, as the arterial roads in the city meet NH 8 at these points. Moreover, the construction of an underpass at Rajiv Chowk and a flyover around Hero Honda Chowk have made life miserable for commuters.


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