And this is what the residents are talking about...
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And this is what the residents are talking about...

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And this is what the residents are talking about...


May 31: SM Singh, president of RWA Federation of Sec 62 Noida, on the murder of Anjali Rathore, a 25-year-old living in Shatabdi Rail Vihar, Sector 62

"Illegal paying guest accommodations are a major reason behind such security lapses in residential societies. Unlike tenants or flat owners, it’s very difficult to keep track of many paying guests who live in the society. They can just enter the society saying they live here. They also get into frequent tussles with security guards.”


May 31: PS  Dhunta, president of the Sector 8 RWA on the terrible condition of sanitation in the sector

“There is only one truck in the area and it lifts garbage in two rounds. But the quantity of garbage is more than what the corporation lifts every day. We need the truck to make six rounds. It means if we have three trucks for two rounds each, then there would be some visible change in the situation. There is no facility from the corporation to collect garbage from the houses on the streets and it is demanding small vehicles or tippers for the purpose. We also need small vehicles. They have been given to Bagdola village but not to our sector. We have raised the issue both in writing and in meetings."


June 1: Tilak Kumar, a resident of South City I, on the property-tax camp organised by the colony's RWA

"It is a good initiative. As none of us have time, such camps will ensure that most residents clear their dues. Moreover, as the RWAs paying 80 per cent or more of its property tax will receive a reward of Rs 5 lakh, even they are enthused. It's been ages that the builder has carried out any maintenance work in the colony."


May 31: K Pashupathi, a senior member of the managing committee of East End Apartments, on the installation of new lifts

"After a new estimate, the contribution from each flat has come down to Rs 5000-Rs 7,000. Replacement work will be carried out in two phases. In the first phase, 29 lifts — one from each block — will be replaced. The managing committee will pay around Rs 1 crore from its own coffers for this. The second phase will begin eight months later.”


May 31: Alok Kumar, patron of FedAOA, on the decision to sell recyclable waste from high-rise societies to raise funds for a municipality-run school's furniture 

"The AOAs and societies are most of the time busy with their internal issues, while students of this primary school study sitting on mats. We are trying to do something to improve the condition of the school. The households in societies generate a considerable amount of paper waste that can be put to good use instead of being thrown away. Such efforts are being put to regularise and organise the waste-collection process in the societies."