Gurgaon Environment Conclave intrigues the audience!
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Gurgaon Environment Conclave intrigues the audience!

The audience found the conclave informative and some even felt that the time allotted to speakers was not enough.

Gurgaon Environment Conclave intrigues the audience!

The Gurgaon Environment Conclave held on June 1 not only drew the attention of people towards the need to protect the environment, but also drew them in large numbers. The attendance expected at the event was 120 but the number soon swelled to 180.

As the experts spoke about the challenges of air quality, water resources, waste management and forest conservation, the audience found the sessions intriguing.

Smita Ahuja, a resident of Summit, DLF 5, told City Spidey, “It was an informative and interesting event. It showed us the future of the environment we live in and how much work we need to do. I wish it was longer and interactive.”

Roop Singh Kuntal, managing director with an MNC, said, “It was a wonderful conclave, with so much information shared on various aspects. I feel when I would share the knowledge I gained with my family and friends and when they would also share it, it would create a chain reaction. This chain reaction will lead to steps for a better tomorrow.”

Representatives of various schools, resident welfare associations and consultants working for a better environment attended the event. Urban planners, architects and environmentalists also attended the session.

Vidhi Kumar, a geography teacher in a private school, said, “There is no doubt the conclave was knowledge oriented. But I feel the time given to speakers was not enough. It would have been more effective if the solutions could have been discussed in greater detail.”

“I found the points raised in the conclave extremely important and it gave me a good insight into what we are leaving for our future generations. There were a lot of things I did not know about the environment and I feel every step towards safeguarding the environment counts,” said Vikram Yadav, a business development manager with a private firm.