Trying to cross this Gurgaon road is like stepping foot on a Formula 1 track!

Photo: Reena Dhankher
Posted: Jun 03, 2017

Residents of sectors 27 and 28, Gurgaon, are wary of crossing the road dividing the two sectors, owing to vehicles plying at high speeds. 

The sectors lie on either side of a 1.5-km-long road that connects Golf Course and Galleria. About 500 to 700 cars ply on the stretch daily. 

There have been attempts to slow the vehicles down. Rumble strips were installed right before the intersection to ensure cars slow down. However, it has not made much difference, as cars seldom slow down while driving over them.

"Residents have demanded a traffic signal at the intersection," said Yogendra Bhatti, president of the Sector 27 RWA. "Just last week, my car got hit by a cab. I've just got it repaired." 

Such accidents are common on this stretch. Sangeeta Das, another resident, said a bicycle rode right into her car and narrowly avoided a major accident. 

Commenting on the issue, DCP (Traffic) Balbir Singh said, “We will analyse the traffic situation there and take a call on the traffic signal based on that."

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