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Taps run dry in Block B and Block C of Noida for over two days

Posted: Jun 04, 2017     By Ramesh Kumar

Suspected damage to underground water supply pipelines disrupted water supply to residents of two blocks of Sector 50, Noida, for the past two days.

With taps running dry in the colony, residents are put to severe inconvenience. “We have not even been able to use the toilet for the past 50 hours or so,” said Vikas Sharma, a resident. Since Friday evening there was no water supply to the houses in block B and block C of Sector 50.

The authorities responded to complaints, but since damage is suspected in the underground water supply pipelines, it would take some time to repair and restore supplies.

On Sunday morning, deputy CEO of Noida Authority, Saumya Srivastava and MD Pandey, Project Engineer (Jal), inspected the spot and assessed the exact nature of the problem. However, at the time of writing of the report, the fault was yet to be identified.

Pandey told City Spidey that "We are looking into the issue and will identify the problem shortly. The technical fault will be rectified and water supply restored at the earliest,” he said. 

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