Fresco, Gurgaon: Bringing the sparrows back
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Fresco, Gurgaon: Bringing the sparrows back

A group of children built nests for birds to invite them, but chances are sparrows may give the invite a miss, sadly.

Fresco, Gurgaon: Bringing the sparrows back

In an unique initiative on the eve of the World Environment Day on Sunday, the RWA at the Fresco condominium in Sector 50, Gurgaon, put the spotlight on missing Sparrows. A group of some 70 children, accompanied by adults and senior citizens came together to build nests for birds, who came visiting the lush green patches in Fresco for food and shelter.

Though peacocks are usually seen here, Sparrows have gone missing and hence efforts are to make the children aware of this.  Guided by Rakesh Dhareshwar, an avid nature enthusiast and photographer, the children got busy building nests for the birds using shoe boxes and twigs and containers to store water for the sparrows, if they come visiting. Recycling the waste and creating an environment for birds was the main objective of this activity.

Anshika Malhotra and Simran Kapoor, two young girls were keen to make sure the nest and feeder they made looked beautiful and inviting for Sparrows to come home. “The thought is so beautiful, and we had fun creating a home for birds” said Simran.

Meanwhile, Eshveer Makkar and Abhirup Bhattacharya, placed the nests and feeders they made on trees. “We will take care and check back on sparrows coming around” said Bhattacharya.

Senior citizen Pradeep Arora, recalled old times and lamented over how sparrows, an important indicator of a healthy ecosystem, have deserted human company, thanks to the growing concrete jungles and pollution.