Dwarka's new mantra: Watch nature, save nature
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Dwarka's new mantra: Watch nature, save nature

Environment-friendly residents launched a campaign to save local flora and fauna, and water bodies. A team of enthusiasts will collect data to share with other environmentalists and authorities for necessary action.

Dwarka's new mantra: Watch nature, save nature

With an aim to spread the message - save the nature and environment - enthusiasts and activists launched a campaign on Sunday: “Watch nature, save nature."

Madhuri Varshney and Madhukar Varshney from Ekta Apartments, Munish Kundra from Brahma Apartments (Sector 7), Pankaj Dhingra from Abhiyan Apartments (Sector 12) and residents of Pochanpur village visited a local water body and woodland site in Sector 23. The team studied the area and noted the points to be made to authorities in a memorandum.

City Spidey caught up with the activists at the village. Madhuri Varshney, a social activist and environment lover, said, “We have heard of birdwatching, in which people watch birds, count them and try and save them by raising awareness about them. But here we have started Nature Watching, which is still in a nascent stage but very effective. In this we will be watching the flora and fauna of the area, tabulate them and share the data with other environment lovers. Also, we will be taking the status to the authorities, so they can do the needful for protecting the environment.”

Today, during the visit, they emphasised the natural heritage of the area and planned to visit different locations periodically. Munish Kundra, another environmentalist, said, “We just made a small effort to attract our friends and other community people to get connected with the nature of this particular area. We want to save what we have in Dwarka."

The people in the group said the water bodies should be revived, greenery should be increased and the local species of plants, animals and birds should be protected.

Pankaj Dhingra, from Abhiyan Apartments, said, "We saw several animals around the water body, such as snakes, mongoose, peacocks and wild ducks. This is a really good sign to believe that we still have something to save. This is the time the authorities and the community people have to really come together to think seriously about these things."