NCR: The week in tweets
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NCR: The week in tweets

Here's taking a look at what the twitterati said this past week (June 4 - June 9)

NCR: The week in tweets

Hello friends! How have you been? The twitterati this week were probably a little reserved and did not say a lot. The possibility of more jobs in Noida, poor traffic sense among some commuters and the quality of water supplied in a certain locality were some of the topics residents spoke about. The issue of rape also came up this week in tweetdom. On a lighter note, one resident has taken the liberty of asking a certain politician for a job. Folks, we bring you the week in tweets:

Here’s something you don’t hear about everyday. More jobs in Noida is definitely something to look forward to!

Let’s hope that those in a position to do something about such cases remember that justice delayed is justice denied.


This resident seems appalled by the lack of traffic sense in some commuters, and rightly so! A little traffic sense never hurt anyone.



Here’s is a kind of tweet we rarely see. This resident seems to think that his tweet will land him the job he wants! What do you think?


And traffic woes continue to hassle residents! Will this ever end?

Clean drinking water, the most basic of necessities is lacking in this area. Here’s hoping the authorities concerned are taking note.