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A new way to dispose of temple waste

Posted: Jun 09, 2017     By Ramesh Kumar

What happens to the offerings in temples once they start to dry up? Usually, they get thrown away. Usually, in the Yamuna, owing to the religious belief that the offerings to the gods should not be mixed with rest of the garbage.

Noida Lok Manch (NLM), an organisation based in the city, has found out a way to utilise the offerings, mostly flowers and leaves. NLM will now be using the waste and use it to produce compost.

Mahesh Saxena, secretary of NLM, explains, "The initiative aims at disposing of the waste without hurting the religious sentiments of people. Under the initiative, we are going to collect old flowers and leaves from the temples and process the waste in an eco-friendly manner to produce compost." 

The organisation is going to set up a compost plant at Antim Nivas, the cremation ground in Sector 94, where 500 kgs of stale leaves and flowers will be processed in a day. "If required, we will make arrangements to process even higher quantities with time," said Saxena.

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