Crossings Republik pours its heart out to <i>City Spidey</i> on township issues
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Crossings Republik pours its heart out to City Spidey on township issues

Residents speak about issues such as waste management, infrastructure, water supply, electricity and expenditure of township maintenance charges.

Crossings Republik pours its heart out to <i>City Spidey</i> on township issues Picture used for representative purpose only

In light of the resentment among residents of Crossings Republik due to several issues faced by them, City Spidey caught up with apartment owners associations (AOAs) to shed some light on the concerns of residents of the “Global Township.”

On speaking with the AOAs, we found that most of the issues pertain to the lax attitude of Crossings Infrastructure Private Limited (CIPL), the developer of the township.

Vivek Sharma, AOA president of Gardenia Square, a residential society in the township, said that the township did not have the basic requirements of a proper township yet. Sharma said that despite investing in a home to live in a clean and secure township, these aims could not be achieved. “The current features of Crossings Republik include no facility for garbage disposal, lack of proper connectivity, lack of basic infrastructure, absence of proper drainage and sewer connection. We also do not know how the monthly township maintenance charges are being utilised by CIPL,” Sharma added.

Sumit Jha, general secretary of GH-7 AOA, said that the completion certificates for the societies were not being handed over by the builders despite several follow-ups. “We have approached both the Ghaziabad Development Authority and CIPL but returned empty handed. The facilities of the township are mostly incomplete. There is no water supply, basic electrical infrastructure and sewer connections in the township. For how long will the societies be completely reliant on ground water? What about sustainability?” Jha asked.

Amarendra Singh, AOA president of Prateek Royal Place, said that in a meeting held in 2014 between residents and representatives of CIPL over the poor quality of services in the township, it was decided that proper services would be provided in exchange for township maintenance charges. “Although we started paying the charges at 30 paise per square feet, the situation has not changed so far. The problems of poor maintenance, connectivity, security and proper infrastructure still exist. At times, we feel like we are living on an island,” Singh added.

Sanjay Kumar Jha, general secretary of the Gaur Global Village AOA, told City Spidey that the builder was also supposed to provide a host other facilities, such as CCTV cameras, green areas and sanitation, for the charges paid but the services provided are substandard. Moreover, Jha maintained that residents did not know the actual details of expenditure of the charges paid. “We want to know where our money has been going all these years. We want transparency. And we also want the builder to provide all the facilities that it has failed to deliver," added Jha.

Meanwhile, AOAs and residents of the township are looking forward to a joint meeting of all AOAs over their issues. The meeting is set to be held at Gaur Global Village at 5 pm on June 18.