A plant in one of the parks in Sector 50
Photo: Samrat Roy
Why just planting saplings is not enough to protect the environment

Posted: Jun 09, 2017     By Ramesh Kumar

Pollution in the city has been a pressing for Noida residents. Though residents blame the government for not doing enough for the cause, it seems they are also falling short of the mark to care for the environment.

Recently, residents from several sectors of Noida came forward to celebrate World Environment Day by planting numerous saplings to improve the green cover in the city. But the harsh reality is that these saplings and many others planted in parks are likely to die in a couple of weeks due to lack of proper care.

In the park in Sector 50, where five to six saplings were planted on the eve of World Environment Day, City Spidey found that the saplings had begun to look like a dry plant and that the gardener had not watered them. Their leaves had also started falling.

However, in Sector 48, the situation was a little different as the gardener had watered them properly. But the saplings were not protected from stray animals which are usually harmful for green plants.

When City Spidey reached the green belt of Noida Authority behind Radha Swami Temple in Sector 48, it found that many saplings had already dried due to lack of proper care. The on-duty gardener said that these saplings were planted at a time which was not suitable for them. He said, “These were planted three months ago and as it didn’t rain, they died. Plantation should take place only in rainy season when plants won’t die.”


Another plant in a park in Sector 50


A dried plant in a park in Sector 50


A park behind Radha Swami Temple in Sector 48


Shrivelled leaves of a plant in a park in block E, Sector 48

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