No choice but to cover your nose with a hanky while passing this Gurgaon stretch

By Anjoo Dalal
Photo: Anjoo Dalal
Posted: Jun 10, 2017

The crossing at Wazirabad village on Sector 56, Gurgaon, has been used as an illegal garbage-dumping site for the past five months. The area is strewn with garbage, and commuters and residents in the area complain of foul smell and discomfort.

The garbage, dumped along the roadside, majorly constitutes of waste from the Wazirabad village, nearby shops, leftover food from eateries , and the household waste of residential areas in the sectors around. There are more than 20 shops near the dumping site including of food and groceries.

Stray cattle that feed on this garbage make matters worse for those travelling along this road at night, as these animals often sit or lie in the middle of the road, increasing the risk of accidents.

Pedestrians are forced to make way through a huge pile of garbage, which spills over to the middle of the road, with cows and pigs feeding on them.

“Commuters have to cover their noses while driving through the area," said Kiran Singh, a daily commuter. "People living and working in the area have been inconvenienced over the past several months."

"It is a common sight to see stray animals loitering around the road on the stretch, obstructing traffic," said Meenakshi Sharma, a daily commuter.  “The garbage dumped on the road is not removed by the officials for many days and it keeps on piling up. The situation gets worse during monsoons.”

“The lack of manpower and machinery makes it difficult for the corporation to monitor the dumping regularly," said an official of Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG).

"Since half of the road is already covered in garbage, it provides a perfect excuse for people to continue dumping waste there," said Ketan Khurana a daily commuter and resident of Kendriya Vihar. "MCG should keep a watch on the illegal dumping of the waste and get this area cleaned."

“We will look into the matter and get the garbage cleaned at the earliest. The dumping is done by people living and running shops in the locality. Once the area is clean, we will keep an eye out for the people dumping waste there and penalise them,” said SS Rohilla, MCG spokesperson.

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