Dwarka: MP assures revival of water bodies

Area MP Pravesh Sahib Singh Verma (in blue tee) on a recce of water bodies in Dwarka
Photo: Akhilesh Pandey
Posted: Jun 12, 2017

While on a recce of water bodies in west and southwest Delhi today, area MP Pravesh Sahib Singh Verma visited the water bodies of Dwarka at sectors 20 and 23.  

Speaking to City Spidey, he said, “We have taken up the matter seriously and have asked DDA to revive the water bodies in Dwarka before the rains. If they don’t come up with tangible results, we’ll get the work done through NGOs."

Singh visited the water bodies at Dhoolsiras, Ambarhai village and others. BJP leaders, DDA officials, residents of Dwarka and members of Sukarman, a social organisation, were also present with him.

Verma said there was a decent possibility of revival of DDA-identified water bodies. In fact, he added, the water bodies would have been revived by now had DDA not been so lackadaisical in its approach.

According to sources, Singh had recently met DDA vice-chairman on the subject.

Sukarman founder Sumit Maluja — also present during the visit — said, "Sukarman has been pursuing the revival of water bodies in Dwarka. Last year, we were focussed on Dwarka alone, but now we are campaigning for water bodies across Delhi."

Former MLA of Matiala, Rajesh Gehlot, present during the recce, said, "These water bodies must be rejuvenated — and we will relentlessly pursue the matter. There’s a need to recharge the underground water table, and these water bodies could play a significant role in that."


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