Uniworld Gardens: A no-plastic zone, this clubhouse
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Uniworld Gardens: A no-plastic zone, this clubhouse

The RWA, with help from residents, has banned the use of plastic at its clubhouse — and it's been about a month now. 

Uniworld Gardens: A no-plastic zone, this clubhouse

Uniworld Gardens, Gurgaon, has taken a bold step towards improving its green footprint. The RWA, with help from residents, has banned the use of plastic at its clubhouse since last month — and now they can be proud of themselves.

Earlier, it would use plastic glasses and cutlery, but not any more.

RWA president Nirlept Singh said, “It was not an easy thing to convince everybody. People would come out for walks and use disposable glasses from the clubhouse to drink water. Every good initiative is resisted at first. But now, residents carry their own water bottles.”

The kids and the elderly are seen carrying water bottles while coming to the lawns in the evenings. And now residents, too, greatly support the initiative. It used to be an ugly sight near the water dispenser, with plastic glasses lying all around. But that has changed now.

Vani Gehani, a volunteer with the awareness campaign, said, “Plastic has become such a threat. Whether it is purchasing our groceries or carrying anything, we use plastic bags for their convenience. However, we fail to realise this convenience comes at a high environmental cost.”

She added, “The condominium has 650 apartments. If we follow to ban, it’ll be a great contribution to the environment.”

Meenu Seth, a senior citizen, said, “I go to the clubhouse for my yoga classes. Earlier, we didn’t carry any water with us, now we do — and I am OK with that. The young generation is making efforts to save the environment and we should support them rather than think of only short-term comforts.”

Six-year-old Aarav Oberoi weighs in, “I always carry my bottle along. We only refill water from the club. In schools, we have been taught to not use plastic to conserve the environment. I am really happy and so are my friends.”

Speaking about the next step, the RWA president said, “Since we have been successful with the clubhouse, our focus will now extend to the shops in the condominium. We will educate them on the harmful effects of plastic bags. We will also provide them with alternatives — maybe cloth or jute bags.”

The condominium has five shops on the premises. From July 1, the RWA plans to ban the use of plastic bags at the shops.