Major meeting postponed as residents choose to watch cricket match
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Major meeting postponed as residents choose to watch cricket match

Ghaziabad: The meeting between AOAs and residents of Crossings Republik aimed to mount pressure on the builder regarding issues in the township.

Major meeting postponed as residents choose to watch cricket match Picture used for representative purpose only

The frenzy around the India vs Pakistan cricket match, which is set to be held on June 18, has managed to temporarily numb the discomfort among residents of Crossings Republik over the dismal condition of maintenance and facilities in the Ghaziabad township. A major meeting of AOAs and residents of all high-rises in the township, which was to be held tomorrow, now stands postponed to an unknown date as residents chose the cricket match over the meeting.

According to the original plan, the AOAs and residents were supposed to unite in the meeting while setting aside their personal differences and disagreements to mount pressure on Crossings Infrastructure Private Limited (CIPL), the builder. The meeting was scheduled after much planning among residents who had arrived at the conclusion that only united action could get things moving. The meeting was to be held at Gaur Global Village.

Sanjay Jha, general secretary of Gaur Global Village and also organiser of the meeting, told City Spidey that the meeting had to be postponed in light of demands from many participants who wanted to watch the cricket match.

“On one hand, the Indian cricket team is playing a one-day match against Pakistan while on the other, residents are playing matches against the builder every day. I was ready to sacrifice my entire day for the meeting but many could not give up an hour. I don’t know when the meeting will be scheduled again as the next weekend is already occupied with our society’s general meetings,” Jha added.

Sharing similar sentiments, Niranjan Gupta, an AOA member from Mahagun Mascot, said that it was difficult to understand why residents chose the match over such an important meeting which was being organised for the welfare of residents. “Maybe because the match is India vs Pakistan, the meeting was postponed. It should not have happened as the meeting was more of a call for unity among residents who till now have been divided on many grounds,” Gupta added.