Gzb: Ajnara Gen X residents try to address root of their problems
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Gzb: Ajnara Gen X residents try to address root of their problems

With the case regarding the legality of the society’s AOA hung in court, residents haven’t been able to take up maintenance issues with the builder.

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Residents of Ajnara Gen X, a residential society in Crossings Republik, Ghaziabad, on June 21 met members of FedAOA in order to find a solution to the daily problems of the society. According to residents, many of the society’s problems result from the absence of a proper Apartment Owners Association (AOA).

The matter regarding the legality of the society’s AOA is hung in the Allahabad High Court following a dispute between two factions of residents. One of the factions had challenged the other forming the AOA, saying that it was illegally formed.

Residents say that due to the absence of an AOA, the society has been unable to take up issues of maintenance of the society with the builder. “The maintenance service of the builder is almost negligible despite the residents paying charges regularly. Malfunctioning lifts, defunct firefighting systems, dirty swimming pools and barren areas is all we get in return for the maintenance charges,” said Kunal Sinha, a resident of the society.

Sinha, who claims to be independent of both factions of residents, also said that residents have decided to get an agreement signed between the factions to get rid of the court case for the welfare of the society. “We will later approach the Ghaziabad Development Authority with our list of grievances and try to sort out the matter with the builder. Even if it is not solved amicably, we might opt to register a new AOA and continue with it as the official association. These matters are yet to be finalised and will be discussed at general meetings of residents,” Sinha added.

Speaking to City Spidey, Alok Kumar, patron of FedAOA, said that considering the welfare of the society, the federation has recommended the residents to register a new AOA if they fail to resolve the matter among themselves.

“The society can continue with the new body while the old body is judged by the court. If the old body is given a clean chit by the court, it can continue and replace the new one. This will at least ensure that the society is maintained properly and the residents are able to mount pressure on the builder,” Kumar added.