Don't venture out after dark in Mu 2
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Don't venture out after dark in Mu 2

There are no street lights outside this sector of Greater Noida. Residents live in fear of accidents and thefts.

Don't venture out after dark in Mu 2

Residents of Sector Mu 2 in Greater Noida are scared to step outside the sector after dark. The main road outside the sector has no street lights.

Women prefer to stay indoors and those who venture out are in constant fear of accidents, chain snatching and robberies. The RWA has written to the Greater Noida Authority several times but there has been no response from it so far.

Rekha Sharma, a resident of the sector, told City Spidey, “I have been living here for a long time now, but haven’t seen even a single attempt being made to instal a street light on the main road leading to the sector.”

Another resident, Ashok Tyagi, agreed, saying the situation was becoming increasingly unsafe for residents.

Elam Singh Nagar, president of the Federation of Greater Noida RWAs (FOGRWA), said that “the Authority seems to be sleeping over the issue”.

However, Anand Mohan Singh, senior manager at the Authority, said the problem has arisen because it was a relatively new sector of Greater Noida. “Though no deadline has been set for this, the problem will be addressed as soon as possible,” he assured.