Poor upkeep of parks irks residents in Sector 71, Noida
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Poor upkeep of parks irks residents in Sector 71, Noida

Noida Authority says contractor not interested in renewing tender, wants more money. Why should we bear the brunt, question residents.

Poor upkeep of parks irks residents in Sector 71, Noida

The RWA of Sector 71, Noida, is irked over the poor maintenance of parks in the sector. There are four apartments and three rows of private houses in the sector that use the park.  

Subash Chauhan, president of RWA, Metro Apartment, Sector 71,  said “When we contacted the contractor in charge of the maintenance of parks, he said that the tender allotted to him was valid till January 28 and has not been renewed.”

PK Mittal, president of RWA B-block, Green Avenue, told City Spidey that the residents had also complained to the horticulture department, Noida Authority, but the problem has not been solved yet. He said, “We were told by the that the contractor is not willing to take up the contract this time. Why should residents bear the brunt of a dispute between the contractor and horticulture department?”

When City Spidey took up the issue with Omendra Singh Rana, zonal inspector of horticulture. Rana said, “The contractor is demanding more money to take up the contract again. But the terms and conditions laid down by Noida Authority do not allow us to hike the rates for this work.”

“For the time being, two gardeners from Noida Authority have been deployed for the upkeep of the parks of the sector. These two gardeners will start working from Tuesday. I am discussing this matter with my seniors to find a permanent solution to the problem,” Rana added.