What does borewell water supplied to GH7 look like? Take a guess
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What does borewell water supplied to GH7 look like? Take a guess

The dirty, murky water is what this Crossings Republik society is being supplied for the past two weeks.

What does borewell water supplied to GH7 look like? Take a guess Representational image

Residents of GH7, a residential society in Crossings Republik, Ghaziabad, have been complaining of scarce and dirty water supply for the past two weeks. Residents say they had been receiving smelly, murky water from a borewell. 

In the absence of Ganga jal supply from the government, residents are at their wit’s end. As the society is yet to be handed over to the AOA, Crossings Infrastructure Private Limited (CIPL), the consortium of developers for the society, is in charge of maintenance and other amenities.

Speaking to City Spidey, Sumit Jha, general secretary of the society’s AOA, said the problem has caused panic among the residents of this 600-flat society. “Although the builder had promised 24-hour water supply, many flats did not receive sufficient water," said Jha. "At one point, the water was murky and smelt like industrial waste. We cannot rely on groundwater for long and are planning to meet the vice-chairman of Ghaziabad Development Authority [GDA] about the issue.”

Moreover, Jha said the AOA had no clue about whom to approach with the problems, as the society was developed by several builders who had joined hands under CIPL. “The top officials of CIPL keep changing, which adds to the confusion,” added Jha.

City Spidey took up the issue with the CIPL officials. In response to our queries, a representative of the consortium said work for resuming full supply had already been initiated and would be completed soon. “We had resumed partial supply from two spare borewells but that could not be sustained," said the representative. "The boring work for a new well has been completed. The rest of the installation could not be completed owing to Eid and a local holiday in Ghaziabad on Tuesday. We are trying our best to ensure that the society will get full supply from tomorrow evening.”

On being asked about the dirty water and chances of the problem prevailing in the new borewell, the representative attributed the problem to a damaged filter in the boring pipelines. “We had also checked with other societies in the area, but they didn't have this problem,” the representative added.