Dwarka, Sector 8: Could they be parks!
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Dwarka, Sector 8: Could they be parks!

There are 15 to 20 parks in the area, but nobody cares to visit them. Here’s why.    

Dwarka, Sector 8: Could they be parks!

Why doesn’t anybody want to visit the parks in Sector 8? Predictably, the answer is shoddy maintenance. Poor lighting, missing benches, empty stretches, broken swings — it’s the same sorry picture of civic apathy!

RWA general secretary AS Chatwal said, "There are 15 to 20 parks in the area. Those with an area of 3 acres are under the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC), while the rest belong to Delhi Development Authority (DDA). And, both the agencies are not serious about maintenance. You can see how dark it gets after sunset. The poorly maintained walkways, lack of any pruning or maintenance tell you the whole story. Civic bodies should take up the matter more seriously.”

Residents and RWA allege that parks under the SDMC are worse off. RWA vice-president P Bhel said, “The park of Block B was transferred from the DDA to the corporation, but the latter has left it in a state of neglect. It has been more than two months now — they should maintain the park properly."

RWA president PS Dhunta said, "Parks under the corporation are badly managed. A look at the park in front of A116 says everything — it has nothing, just a barren land. The RWA has informed the SDMC deputy commissioner about the condition of the parks."

Deputy director of horticulture at the DDA, YD Sharma, said, "I will visit the area to understand the ground situation. Measures would be taken if the parks are found lacking in maintenance."