Gurgaon: Watch it if you are in sectors 69 and 70 after sundown!
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Gurgaon: Watch it if you are in sectors 69 and 70 after sundown!

Rising incidents of thefts has left residents, particularly women, feeling insecure, and repeated complaints to authorities haven't helped.

Gurgaon: Watch it if you are in sectors 69 and 70 after sundown!

Residents of sectors 69 and 70, Gurgaon, aren’t feeling safe any longer — not with rising incidents of thefts in their area.

Even after repeated complaints, no measures have been taken towards improving security.

In these newly developed sectors, residents feel secure only within their condominiums, but once they step out fear takes control.

Women’s safety is a major cause of concern. After sundown, the situation deteriorates rapidly — even maids, who work in the condominiums, feel scared to walk back home.

“We don’t feel safe travelling alone after 5 pm. Sometimes, attempts have been made to stop our cars. Even stones have been thrown at vehicles,” recalls Manju Ranjan, a resident of Tulip Orange.

Delivery boys, auto and taxi drivers, too, dread coming to the area for fear of being robbed.

“There have been several incidents where delivery boys and auto and taxi drivers have been targeted — their money snatched. After 4 pm, no one likes to venture into this area,” added Ajay Sharma, resident of Tulip Ivory.

Speaking to City Spidey, Vikas Ranjan, president of Tulip Orange, said, “We had approached PWD minister Rao Narbir Singh Yadav with our problems, demanding a local police booth. There was patrolling for a few days after we complained, but the situation is now back to square one.”

Sharma added, “There’s police presence near a wine shop on the Southern Peripheral Road (SPR), but our sector needs regular vigilance and patrolling.”

When City Spidey contacted SHO Rajesh Kumar Yadav, he said, “I have two PCRs and one rider, with a huge area to cover. We'll try to increase the patrolling of the area. Meanwhile, residents, too, can suggest on how to improve the situation, I will try to incorporate the suggestions.”