Dwarka: This man has levelled 20 potholes in his sector, all on his own
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Dwarka: This man has levelled 20 potholes in his sector, all on his own

When DDA refused to listen, Parminder Khetrapal decided to do something himself. But the rest of the sub-city's residents are livid at DDA.

Dwarka: This man has levelled 20 potholes in his sector, all on his own One of the craters levelled by Parminder Khetrapal

When Delhi Development Authority (DDA) turned a blind eye to the plight of commuters, a Dwarka resident decided to do something quite extraordinary — he started levelling the potholes on his own.


Parminder Khetrapal, of New Kanchanjunga Apartments in Sector 23, has started to fill up the craters of sectors 22 and 23. He has filled up about 20 potholes in Sector 23, and has now moved on to Sector 22.

Here’s what he said: “Till when do you write and write and write! DDA is deaf and dumb. For a month, I tried to make them understand the ground reality. Finally, I have taken up their responsibility — I’ll do what I can. I have completed my work in Sector 23 and have just begun in Sector 22.”


The pothole near Bharat Vandana Apartments


President of Dwarka Forum and a resident of Nav Sansad Vihar, Rejimon CK, shared, “Our general secretary filed an RTI on the matter. It was quite surprising when we were told in a statement that there were no potholes in the area. Just walk around and see how many potholes are there! To say there are no potholes is callous on their part. DDA should take up the matter urgently, and fill the craters as soon as possible.”

Some potholes — such as the one near Bharat Vandana Apartments in Sector 19 and near Maitri Apartments in Sector 10 — were so bad that even cars would get stuck in them. After repeated complaints and following up, one of them was filled up, but temporarily.


A vehicle stuck in a crater near Maitri Apartments in Sector 10


Nidhi Gupta, a resident of Vinayak Apartments, Sector 10, and a member of Dwarka Forum, said, “The pothole outside Maitri Apartments was a foot deep! Once I saw a Wagon R stuck in it. I placed a ladder across the crater, so cars wouldn't drive over it, and then reported the incident to our forum and also the civic bodies. It has been levelled for now, but there are hundreds of such craters across the sub-city. One such pothole can be seen near Baroda House Apartments in Sector 10.”

Joint secretary of Dwarka Forum, Sunil Sareen, shared with City Spidey a few pictures of a pothole just near the gate of Bharat Vandana Apartments. He complained, “The pothole has been here for over a week, but no DDA official has taken any initiative to level the gaping crater. It’s extremely dangerous.”  


Ladders left on the crater near Maitri Apartments to warn commuters


The same concerns were echoed by RWA president of Bharat Vandana Apartments, Prabhat Kumar Singh.

DDA, would you please listen up?