Five-year-olds power tree-planting drive
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Five-year-olds power tree-planting drive

NGO Boond got children enthused into planting saplings as part of a campaign to make Gurgaon greener. Enthusiasm of the children was infectious and even their parents joined in.

Five-year-olds power tree-planting drive

Five year olds, armed with saplings, stepped out of their homes on a plantation drive in different parts of the city in a campaign that kicked off on Saturday. An NGO, Boond, organized the children, supported by their parents, went around few areas and planted the saplings with an overall intent of greening Gurgaon.

The tree plantation drive began at Khushboo Chowk and will be taken to other parts of the city. For starters, a group of children studying in Sri Ram School, Aravalli, took part in the initiative of the NGO.

Kyati Samani, a member of ‘Boond’ said, “I believe one seed and two hands can do wonders towards making Gurgaon a clean and green city.”

Recent studies have shown that India has the lowest level of trees per person in the world and there is an urgent need to rectify this. Wanton felling of trees have drastically reduced the forest cover and number of trees are dwindling by the day.

Which is why, initiatives like the one undertaken by Boond assume greater significance. Rising population is adding that much more pressure besides rapid urbanisation that is adding to deforestation. Infrastructure for urban areas too is eating up trees.

The NGO activists educated the children and made them realize how important it was to plant trees and how each one should at least try and plant five trees and look after them.

Every sapling and every effort counts said Ashok Chandavarkar one of the students of Sri Ram School.”Boond Boond se saagar banta hai,” was the assertion of Rohan Dinakar, a Class 2 student. He said he was happy he was part of a campaign to protect and save the environment.

 “I believe that that if we work together we can make a difference,” said Dinakar.