Anti-encroachment drive in GreNo; residents relieved
Anti-encroachment drive in GreNo; residents relieved
Ajay Kushbah
Anti-encroachment drive in GreNo; residents relieved Sight to behold: Bulldozers and cranes in action in Greater Noida
Photo: Samrat Roy

Anti-encroachment drive in GreNo; residents relieved

Much to the relief of the residents, the Greater Noida Authority launched a drive against encroachment in various sectors of the city on Tuesday (March 29). Squatters and hawkers alongside roads have become a menace for the residents making it difficult for them to commute.

Anti-encroachment teams equipped with cranes, bulldozers and trucks could be seen carrying out their task frenetically on the first day of the drive. They removed many encroachments in Alpha, Gamma and some other sectors.

But the question uppermost in the minds of many residents is that how will the Authority ensure that these squatters do not return in the days to come.

Awadhesh Kumar, a resident of Gamma I, recounted how thela wallahs had become a nuisance for the locality. Suresh Chauhan, another resident, said there was a time when they used to have frequent quarrels with these vendors who had occupied both sides of the road leaving little space for vehicles to pass by.

Welcoming the move, President of Greater Noida Federation of Residents Welfare Association, Elam Singh Nagar, termed it as long overdue.

Senior Manager of Greater Noida Authority, Anand Mohan Singh, said the initiative was taken in view of complaints received from the residents. They wanted to ensure smooth traffic movement in and outside the sectors.