Do you know how these sectors spent their Saturday?
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Do you know how these sectors spent their Saturday?

Exotica Fresco, in Sector 137, and Sector 52 carried out tree-planting drives today to increase awareness among residents about the importance of greenery in these polluted times.

Do you know how these sectors spent their Saturday?

Residents of various sectors and societies in Noida today went on tree-planting drives in vacant areas in and around their neighbourhood.

Residents of Exotica Fresco, a society in Sector 137, planted several saplings in the green area near their society, and also cleaned up the surrounding area.

Pramod Singh Taragi, a resident of the society, said, “The plastic bags and garbage lying around the society were an eyesore. So we decided to clean the area together. Now it looks so much better.”

The RWA of Sector 52, too, carried out a green drive to sensitise residents, especially children, to the importance of planting trees. They, too, planted quite a few saplings in the vacant areas in their sector.

Amrish Tyagi, president of the RWA, said that the monsoons were a good time to plant trees, as they get the water they need to grow. He said, “We encouraged children to take part in this drive, as it is important for them to know what a crucial role plants play in maintaining the ecological balance and bringing down pollution levels in the city.”


Children take part in a tree-planting drive in Noida