Gurgaon Traffic Police plan goes awry
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Gurgaon Traffic Police plan goes awry

Gurgaon Traffic Police has blocked the U-turn in front of Unitech Cyber Park throwing traffic completely out of gear.

Gurgaon Traffic Police plan goes awry

If you want a chaotic traffic jam during a peak hour, turn to Gurgaon Traffic Police for lessons. Yes, it has the experience in doing a good of it. Gurgaon Traffic Police has blocked the U-turn in front of Unitech Cyber Park, throwing traffic completely out of gear, added to the already chaotic situation.

If hundreds of vehicles get stuck in this mess every day, burning previous fuel and besides frayed nerves as each driver tries to inch across, heavy traffic between HUDA Metro Station and Sohna Road becomes impossible to negotiate.

Besides, it forces commuters heading towards HUDA Metro Station Road from Sector 56-57 and 51, now have to drive an extra kilometre and take a right turn at the traffic junction at Sector 40, as they cannot take a U-turn now.

As it is, the traffic was pretty congested on this road connecting Sohna Road, Sector 40, Sector 45 and HUDA Metro station. The commuters blame the Traffic Police and its ill-planned experiment that has only created chaos.

It had as part of a traffic congestion drive, the Traffic Police had blocked the U-turn to prevent accidents that were occurring routinely there. Traffic Police officials were hopeful that their plan would smoothen the traffic flow, but the ground reality is different and the result is exactly the opposite.

“Every day it used to take ten minutes to cross the stretch, but for the last two days it is taking more than half an hour, if one is lucky,” said Saloni Mehra an MNC executive residing in Sector 46.

There was no warning about the impending traffic regulation too, regular commuters allege. Neither is there a sign board nor a Traffic police personnel present during peak hours, which leads to a greater chaos as everyone tries to inch forward, adding to the problem.

“Commuting to the office has become more frustrating ever since U-turn was blocked. There is utter chaos as the lane is narrow and traffic coming from arterial roads gets blocked, adding to the congestion,” Alok Shama, a resident of Sector 56 and a daily commuter on this road said.

Traffic Police officials maintain that U-turn was blocked to ease traffic flow. The intention was to cut down accidents on the stretch, but given the recent experience and feedback from the users, modifications to the traffic plan will be made, a senior Traffic Police official said.