BLOs enjoy weekend, residents return home irked
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BLOs enjoy weekend, residents return home irked

The district election officer had directed BLOs from across the district of Gautam Budh Nagar to be present at their respective polling stations for enrolling new voters. Only a handful turned up.

BLOs enjoy weekend, residents return home irked

Many polling stations were vacant as Booth Level Officers failed to show up at a special drive to enrol new voters. Residents had waited four hours, queuing up at their respective polling stations in different sectors in Noida. But they had to return home without filling form-6, used for registration of new voters. 

The district election officer on Saturday announced a special drive for enrolling new voters in the electoral rolls. It had directed BLOs from across the district of Gautam Budh Nagar to be present at their respective polling stations. However, most of them were seemed busy enjoying their weekend, as only a few BLOs turned up for the job at hand.  

Amrish Tyagi, the president of Sector 52 RWA, said several residents, who had taken out time for enrollment had to return home without registering their names. "There were six booths at the community center of his sector and I was expecting at least a few BLOs to turn up," said Tyagi. "Just one BLO came. And he was not on time. People were waiting at the polling stations from 10 am and he sauntered in at noon." 

He added, “If this is going to be the approach of the concerned officials, the electoral roll can never be a complete one. The government should aim for an approach such as the one used for census. They knock on each door to ensure that all heads have been counted. It should be clear to them that they are accountable for reaching out to the left out voters.” 

The situation was similar at Sector 50, with only one BLO reaching the area. A resident of Sector 15 had a similar story to tell.  

Brijesh Narayan Singh, DM, GB Nagar, said, “This drive is of several days and voters will be communicated the date as and when it is organised next. The BLOs will have to be present for the next camp.” 

Let's hope so...