Ggn: Finally, Sector 56 gets two new electricity transformers
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Ggn: Finally, Sector 56 gets two new electricity transformers

Residents of Gurgaon Sector 56 are hoping that two transformers will take the load off the old transformers and resolve the crisis that gripped the society for the past few months.

Ggn: Finally, Sector 56 gets two new electricity transformers

Sector 56, Gurgaon residents are hoping that their dark days without power are now over.  The power company is installing two new transformers in the area, which is expected to resolve the issue of disruption of power supply to the area that caused untold problems for the residents.

For the past few months, residents were experiencing power problems as also frequent short circuit and low voltage that made many appliances in home dis-functional. It took several weeks for the residents to reach out to the power company – DHVBN – and finally a decision to install two new transformers was taken.

For starters, the power company pruned trees, disentangled electric wires and insulated them where needed.

After a careful examination of the power problems, the power company identified the two 240 KW transformers were the reason for frequent power outages as they could not handle the load.

“The two transformers of 100 kilowatts each will take pressure off the old ones. We have been reeling under power issues for a long time now” said Sudhir Bhardwaj, President RWA sector 56

The residents may finally get some relief now.

Piyush Gupta, a resident said, “we are facing serious power issues. Last week for one whole day there was no power. Let us see how much these transformers help in controlling the issue”

The residents are hopeful but keep their fingers crossed. Only time will tell if the power problems have completely disappeared or not.